Product Reviews

Just to be clear- I am not paid or compensated in any way by any of the companies listed below. I don’t believe any review can truly be impartial if the writer is being bribed by the company. After I’ve posted reviews so companies have reached out with a “Thank you for promoting us” offer, which I have accepted. However, those were happy coincidences- nothing was discussed before reviews are posted. All opinions are my own. Hopefully I help you spend your app dollars wisely!

Running Apps

Road ID– Overall, the best running safety app out there. Huge fan.

Nike+ Running– This is my GPS app of choice. I love the leader board feature, interactive maps and social aspects of this running community. GPS is accurate 90% of the time, but if it ever isn’t you can tweet the Nike+ support team and they’re very quick to respond and fix the issue!

Healthy Living Apps-

LoseIt!– Ever wonder how many calories are actually in that sandwich or burrito you grabbed for lunch? That morning coffee? Wonder no more. LoseIt! is super helpful to keep track of calories and balancing where your calories are coming from. You can set a goal to lose weight or maintain your bad-ass physique, LoseIt helps keep you in check. Not all restaurants are in there and you can’t adjust for custom creations (no mayo, extra cheese, what have you) but you can add recipes for what you make at home. Favorite feature- the scanning option. Scan the barcode and the food is instantly added to your list.¬†Overall- a good one to throw onto the phone.


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