There is a trend on Twitter lately called #thinspiration. These are basically photos of dangerously thin, photoshopped women that teenage girls use as diet and exercise inspiration. I used to be one of those girls. When I was 16 my best friend and I hired a personal trainer and said “We want to look like Britney Spears”. He reminded us that 90% of the photos we saw were photoshopped and that article we read that said she weighed 110lbs was “impossible”. Yes, she was thin, but she was also incredibly fit and had a lot of muscle. At 5’5″, there was no way she was 110lbs- rather, her people thought it was a number that made her sound as petite as she was photoshopped to be.

These #thinspiration photos are not only unattainable, but a dangerous goal for girls and women to hope to achieve. I’m more interested in real inspiration and motivation to hit the gym and the roads. Like Taralynn McNitt, amazing health and fitness blogger who found her road to fitness in college. Or Ali Feller who despite battling Crohns disease has two marathons under her belt. Along with over $30,000 raised to support Crohn’s and Colitis research!

Eating disorders and unrealistic body types should not be encouraged or idealized. Want some inspiration? Talk to the staff at your gym. I’m sure they have plenty of stories about how regulars came in one day a few years ago 150lbs heavier than they are today. And you’ll find out they did it by earning the title of regulars

Or, stop by here and read the stories of some amazing, real people who just might inspire you away from the couch.

Do you have an inspiring story about your road to fitness or know someone who does? Give me a shout at!



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