Life with an infant is all about adjustments.

Learning to leave the house an hour before you need to be anywhere.

Calling 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep, “sleeping through the night”.

Having one cocktail on date night instead of three because the thought of even a slight hangover brings tears to your saggy, exhausted looking eyes.

Getting back into a workout routine requires a little extra flexibility than it did pre-baby. Our morning walk has been a staple of our daily routine since Hayden turned two weeks old and I got the clear from my doctor to walk more than the length of our driveway. Until last week, those walks were the only form of exercise available to me and I took them VERY seriously.

Now that I have all of my old workouts as options (in addition to the walks) I went slightly overboard over the past week and wanted to do them all.

Elliptical? Did it.

Spin Class? Went. Nearly died, but went.

I’ve even managed to build up to a little over 2 miles on my runs, which I’m considering a huge accomplishment since I started at 1.4 miles the first time out. Intervals seem to be the best workouts I’m having lately and I’m ok with that. It’s 5 minutes on, two minutes off and I’m slowly building up the “on” time each workout. Even though I might not be able to plan when I can workout, it’s nice to have goals when the opportunity presents itself.

What I’m getting used to is not being able to plan my workouts too far in advance and jumping up to hit the gym whenever the opportunity presents itself. Since Hayden can’t go to the gym daycare until she’s six months old bringing her with me isn’t an option. On Tuesday Jim got home from work early and I was changed and at the gym within 15 minutes of his arrival.

It’s not just the logistics of getting workouts in that I’m adjusting to. Listening to your body is a whole different ball game after you’ve had a human removed from it and are spending your days raising said human. In case no one has filled you in, babies are exhausting and unpredictable. As a direct result, by the time Jim gets home from work most days I am also exhausted and fairly unpredictable. I’m sure it’s making his life extra awesome these days. I’m working on it. 

Last night I spent most of the day dreaming of getting out for my run the moment he walked through the door. When that moment actually came, I was so exhausted all I could think about was doing the dishes and going directly to sleep. At 7pm. For the night.

Part of me felt guilty for not getting outside on one of the few non-hot/humid nights we’ve had lately. The rest of me felt too sleepy to really care.

And with that, it’s time for our morning walk!

Past few days of FitBit data for your amusement! 

 Hope everyone is having an awesome week! How do you balance your workouts with everything else in your life? Any tricks from the moms out there for not being so exhausted? I’ve tried “sleep when baby sleeps” but I usually can’t fall asleep and end up more frustrated than when I laid down in the first place. 



One thought on “Adjustments

  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job with balancing your new position as mommy and fitting in your workouts. Be kind and patient to yourself, you will fall into a routine and figure it out!!

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