Christmas In July

I just did the impossible: I successfully put Hayden down for a nap. She actually stopped crying and went to sleep. This has never happened, and I’m going to revel at this parenting success for a moment.


Ok. Moment had. If 6 weeks of parenthood have taught me anything, you’ve gotta take the wins where you can.

Now that she’s down, the dishes are done and the laundry is put away (mostly), I actually have time to write about yesterdays glorious 1.43 miles.

Oh, Nike+ how I've missed you.

Oh, Nike+ how I’ve missed you.


I had my 6-week postpartum checkup at 1pm yesterday. By 1:05 I had successfully asked my doctor three times if I was cleared to work out. By 1:07 it was official. “You are free to resume all pre-baby activity.” I think I was happier than when the JP pronounced Jim and I husband and wife. Just kidding, honey. Maybe. 

Naturally my first stop after the doctors office was Marathon Sports for a new pair of shoes. Partially because Buster ate my last pair. Partially because running is more fun with new sneakers. Partially because I’m now a size 8 instead of a 7.5. I guess that whole “Your feet grow when you’re pregnant.” thing is true. Who knew. Either way, 

Like a kid in a candy store.

Like a kid in a candy store.

A bright new pair of Asics GT 1000s, and some fancy new workout clothes later, I was even more excited to run than when I went in. On the way home the sky started looking all sorts of dark and scary. We made it into the house and exactly 15seconds later the sky opened up and it was a tropical downpour outside. I knew the trusty weatherman said the showers would be “on and off” for the night, so I refused to let it ruin my hopes of a run.

Jim walked through the door from work at 7:00 and by 7:05 I was changing into my workout clothes.

“But there’s thunderstorms, you’re really going to run in this?”

Yes. Yes I am. Barring a tornado warning nothing was stopping me.

There was barely a drizzle by the time I hit “Start Run”.

The next 16:43 were the most freeing minutes I’ve had in months. When I wasn’t able to run I really felt like I had lost a huge part of myself. I missed how clearly I think when it’s just me and the pavement. I missed how no matter how badly the run itself may hurt, how good I would feel by the time I turned into our driveway. Most of all, I missed the time that was just for me. I rarely run for or with anyone else, not because I don’t have friends who run; but because I treasure the solitude and the freedom to go at my own (now very slow) pace.

Deep down we know it, but rarely do we treat the ability and time to run like the gift it really is. So while the sneakers and workout clothes are great, my favorite gift I gave myself yesterday was those 16 minutes.

Side note: I’m going to be posting my daily FitBit stats. You have a FitBit? You want to be friends? Let’s get some challenges going!

7/8 FitBit Stats: 


Green means good.

Green means good.




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