Thoughts From the Treadmill

My runs are my me time. Sometimes I think about life in a big picture way, other times I work through specific problems or issues I’m facing.

Other times I think about complete nonsense. Here is a snippet of today’s thoughts while I was on the treadmill.

.03 miles – I should have peed before I started. I hate when I have to pee early in.

.12 miles – I have to pee. Damnit.

.28 miles – Ok, I feel better after peeing. I hope the lady next to me doesn’t think I just had to take a break a minute in. She looks like she might be judging me. Please stop judging me.

.72 miles – I wonder what Buster is doing. He’s probably sleeping. Actually, he’s probably chewing on something. Definitely chewing on something.

1.14 miles – This feels great. I’m going to CRUSH NYC!

1.15 miles– What was that snap? Why is one of the straps of my sports bra hanging in front of me? Did judge-y lady next to me notice?

1.76 miles– Why does my pinky toe suddenly hurt? Is this a symptom of Ebola? Note to self- google Ebola symptoms when I get home.

2.03 miles – Is there something I’m forgetting for the wedding? Hair appointment (check), nails (check), venue (check), florist (check), rings (check)… Checks. I must send out checks when I get home. Then I’ll check our bank account and have myself a good cry.

2.58 miles – This strap is getting really annoying. How does this even happen? Champion is getting a strongly worded email from me.

2.76 miles– Why do they show Red Lobster commercials in MA if we don’t have any Red Lobsters? Any why do they insist on playing them at the gym? I want those cheddar biscuits. And the shrimp scampi. And all the rest of the food. I’m hungry.

2.98 miles– This strap is getting out of control.

3.1 miles– Alright, I better hit stop before my boob pops out and I’m asked to leave. Forever.


This is the nonsense I think of.

And in case you were wondering, Buster was sleeping. After he chewed his brand new bone to bits.