Lucky Run

Not every run comes naturally. Some days I have to force myself out the door with promises of wine, chocolate or some other self-indulgent activity as a reward for my efforts.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I had moved Wednesdays run to Thursday because I was working both jobs and wanted to not feel rushed during my second training run of the cycle. After working a tournament at the golf course I headed home, feeling slightly tired but overall ready to log some miles.

Then the rain started.

Then I walked in the door to discover the dog had destroyed the house. Again.

I'm trying to convince myself we won't need to invest in child locks for a dog.

I’m trying to convince myself we won’t need to invest in child locks for a dog.

By the time I’d cleaned up and laced up I really was NOT feeling a rainy, unseasonably cold run. I played the excuse game in my head for a few minutes…

I can run on Sunday and still meet my weekly mileage. 

I mean, a 24 week training schedule is kind of excessive anyways. Maybe I’ll switch to a 22-week plan. 

I want wine. 

And peanut butter. 

Why don’t they make peanut butter flavored wine? Nevermind, that would be gross. That’s what ice cream frappes are for. Mmmmmm…frappe….

Eventually I realized that the longer I sat, the later I’d finish my run and the colder I’d be. Somewhat begrudgingly, I told Buster to behave and I’d be back soon.

And off I went…

By the time I was out of my driveway I already felt better about life and this training cycle. Rounding out the park I realized how lucky I am to get such a beautiful view on my run, how thankful I’ll be for the ocean breeze come August and how important even the little runs really are.

Making my way up the hill at the one mile marker I felt strong ready to kick it up a bit. Then something in the grass along the cliff caught my eye.

Just random money. In the grass. In the middle of no where.

Just random money. In the grass. In the middle of no where.

I walked over and realized it was $24, just laying in the grass. I looked down at the beach, searching for walkers who may have dropped it on their way over to the stairs. Not a soul. I called Jim.

B: “Honey, I just found $24 on the ground”

J: “In the yard?”

B: “No, on my run along the cliff. What do I do?”

J: “What do you mean?”

B: “Well, who do I call to turn it in?”

J: “Seriously? It’s $24, you didn’t find buried treasure. If no one’s around, it’s yours. This is a finders keepers situation.”

As I started the last two miles back to the house, I started thinking of just how lucky I am. Not lucky to be $24 richer (though it certainly didn’t hurt my mood), but lucky in so many ways. I found the love of my life at 23 and we’re getting married. I’m generally in great health. I live along the prettiest running route I’ve ever seen. Yeah, life is good.

Today will be another 3 miles, trying to make mile 3 the fastest of the run.

Right on track so far.

Right on track so far.

Tomorrows long run is 5 miles. For the first time in a really long time, I’m excited for a long run. I’m not looking at it like something I have to do, but something I’m really looking forward to. I won’t say it’s the highlight of my long weekend, but it’s certainly up there.

One more quick thing before I check out for the weekend- It’s Memorial Day. The Armed Services (especially the Marine Corps) are especially close to my heart, so I ask that everyone take a moment this weekend and thank a member of the military if you can. If you can’t, salute a flag. Attend a parade. Buy a veteran a drink. Just be grateful.

Have an amazing long weekend, everyone!

Anyone starting or already into a training schedule? What’s your long run looking like this weekend? Have cooler plans? Let me know!


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