Why I’m Sweating For The Wedding

As I’ve probably mentioned once or twice around here, I’m in the midst of wedding planning. My life went from all things running, health and school related to suddenly being expected to know the difference between every possible type of bridal veil and knowing with all certainty since the age of 5 which one was my “dream”. Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a process over here.

To help introduce myself to the world of all things bridal I have read some of the obligatory blogs and signed up for a newsletter here and there. Lately, there have been a lot of articles about women who are choosing to not adhere to a diet or exercise plan leading up to their big day. These articles go on and on with their endless praise for these women, calling them “brave” and that it’s so “courageous of them” to not have been “duped by the media ideal” and try to fit into that size-smaller-than-normal dress.

More and more, these articles are placing pity women who do want to diet and exercise in the months leading up to their wedding. Us poor souls who clearly cannot think for ourselves and instead must be comparing ourselves to models in bridal magazines. We strive for an unrealistic ideal and must be taught that trying to “change” for our wedding days is simply an unconscious attempt to please our men. WE ARE THE ENEMY OF FEMINISM AND MUST BE STOPPED.  

Well, I am changing my diet and exercise routine for my wedding. Yes, I would like to lose around 5-10lbs and tone my arms. And no, I’m not doing it so my future husband will love me just a little bit more.

I won’t pretend this is a quest without vanity. Wedding pictures have a place in your home forever, and I’d like to look at that photo every day and see the best version of myself. But let me be clear when I say that “best” does not mean “skinniest”.

Your wedding is the start of a new phase of your life. It is where you become someones wife, a permanent member of their family.  Your newly wed days are an exciting time in life, and I want to feel my absolute best for them. Do I want to look great naked on my honeymoon, too? Yeah. I do. I’m not ashamed of that.

A healthy diet and exercise routine are parts of a healthy lifestyle. They are pieces of your day that you (should) do for just yourself. In the midst of wedding planning it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants. Your mother-in-law wanting to make sure cousins you haven’t spoken to in 10+ years are invited. Your bridesmaid who wants to wear THAT dress, not the one everyone else agreed on. Your mother wanting to wear “Winter White”. Ok, that one was my mom and it was worthy of a fight. She’s back on the navy train. Thank God.

The point is you spend hours trying to make everyone else happy when you could be focusing on making yourself happy. It’s a proven fact healthy people are happier. I’m not saying women should sign up for a vigorous work-out schedule that makes them miserable. What I am saying is that maybe there’s something beneficial to feeling a little endorphin based boost in your day when your days are often full of a lot of needless drama.


Over the next 5+ months you’re going to hear about wedding workouts and lighter recipes I’m cooking. Do not pity me. Do not feel as if I’ve been duped. If you are a bride who doesn’t want to work out, that’s great. I love that more women are embracing their natural shapes and not going through dangerous lengths to try and meet an unrealistic goal. So skip that workout! Just don’t judge those of us who won’t. 


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