A Few Good Runs

The Spring semester is over.

I have been waiting to say that since January. It feels amazing to finally have one of the hardest semesters of my grad school program under my belt and a 3.7 GPA to boot.

With all the free time on my hands in the past couple days, I’ve been pretty productive.

My desk made the transition from academia to wedding planning.

Welcome to wedding planning headquarters. Assistant wanted.

Welcome to wedding planning headquarters. Assistant wanted.


The guest room is cleaned and ready for summer occupants (aka my brother- he claimed the guest room when Jim and I moved in).

Little (much bigger) brother. AKA "Man of Honor"

Little (much bigger) brother. AKA “Man of Honor”

Buster has been going on lots of long walks and getting plenty of outdoor time, enjoying the beautiful weather.

He loves being outside, but I think he's more of a sunbather than a runner.

He loves being outside, but I think he’s more of a sunbather than a runner.

And, of course. I’ve been running.


My New York City Marathon training schedule starts on Monday. After too many hours researching different plans by different coaches I’m told I should have heard of; I went for the 24-week beginner training schedule via the Nike+ Running app. I like it  because it’s a 5 run/week plan and it eases you into the high mileage pretty gradually. With Boston not going so well I want to make sure I am cautious about building my mileage and safely build my body back up to where it should be. Sounds logical, right?

I have gone out on my past few runs with no specific goals in mind. I simply want to build my mileage up and feel comfortable along my normal route so when the training officially starts on Monday I don’t feel tired and sore week one. Something tells me that’s not the best way to start off a 24-week routine.

Overall, my past few runs have been slow, but they’ve felt easy and they’ve been consistent. Consistency has always been a struggle for me so I’m taking this as a good thing: I know my starting point for this training cycle so I can gauge what’s “Pushing it” and what’s an “easy run” more easily.

This was Friday:


Slow and steady

Slow and steady

There was nothing notable about this run other than the view and gorgeous weather. Every time I run my neighborhood am I still impressed by the view at least once or twice. I really hope that never goes away.


Then there was Monday…



A little slower than Friday and my legs were sore, but I wrote that off to a crazy weekend at work and an absurd amount of daily steps logged to FitBit lately. Calfs were tight but it wasn’t anything concerning. The big hill and I cursed at each other, but I came out on top. So suck it, hill.


And yesterday:



Pretty much the exact same as Monday. A little tight, pretty slow and overall non-noteworthy.


The key about these runs is while they had their faults, I never felt bad or tired during any of them. Yes, my legs were a little tight or sore, but my breathing never got tight and I never felt “done” at any point. For 2.5-3.5 miles this shouldn’t be an accomplishment, but sometimes it is. When I come off a bad training cycle or a bad race sometimes the mental takes over the physical and I can feel defeated pretty quickly.

I’m not doing that this time.

New York is a new race for me. This isn’t the third repeat of the same training schedule for the same race that’s broken my heart three times. New York races and I love each other. Every March I give up my St. Patricks day weekend in Massachusetts simply to run a few laps in Central Park in the freezing cold for the NYC Half. We’re good to each other.

So that’s about all you’ve missed in my life over the past week. I can’t wait to start the training program next week and really get into a full 26.2 regimen again. Yoga is going to be a big part of it, and so will spin classes.

But we’ll get to that. For now I need to go stop Buster from eating that Save the Date he’s been eyeing on the counter.


What runs feel the best for you? Is it your normal running route or changing it up to a new city? Advice for speed work workouts that won’t make me want to cry? Or will want to make me cry but in the awesome way? Let’s hear it. 





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