My New Start Line

First things first- Thank you to everyone for all the love I received yesterday. The reason I love the running community so much is that it’s not about competing with each other, it’s about competing with ourselves.  We have all come up short of our expectations before and the best among us would never think to put another runner down for that.  So for everyone who sent me a tweet, Facebook message, email or carrier pigeon message in a bottle, thank you. I didn’t really get the last one, but it would have been really cool if I did. As much as I tried to be upbeat yesterday there were also more than a couple moments of some serious sulking. Around 5:30 I found myself on the couch watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion (not quite Married to Medicine, but I’ll take it) and I realized I was embodying everything I am trying to teach kids NOT to be. I knew I’d feel better if I got outside and did something, so I asked Jim to put Buster’s harness on him while I got ready. By the time my workout gear was on and my sneakers laced I felt better. Buster on the other hand knew that the harness meant he was being brought somewhere and he made it clear he was perfectly content where he was.

This is his "I'm not going" face

This is his “I’m not going” face

Deciding I didn’t want to spend my time outside fighting with that face, I told Jim I was leaving Buster home and heading out on my own. Jim decided I was just being stubborn and tried to bring Buster outside himself. Clearly he had a lapse in judgement because Moms ALWAYS know best, which was proven when Buster laid down in the driveway and refused to move. This lasted for 15 minutes before Jim finally gave up. They’re both too stubborn for their own good sometimes. I walked off and tried to decide what to do with my workout. By the time I reached the beach I was still trying to decide but my thoughts sidetracked me to why I started running in the first place. I remembered that walk I took before I ever considered being a runner, I think it was 2007-ish? It was the first really nice day of spring and I wanted to get outside and enjoy it- so I went for a walk. That walk turned into 15 miles through 3 towns without really thinking about it. Remembering how nice it was just to WALK, I decided to just keep walking. Just walking my favorite running route lifted my spirits.

I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times. I love my neighborhood.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. I love my neighborhood.

5 miles later I got home and felt ready to tackle the post-Boston phase of my running life. As I mentioned, I’ve got another pretty huge goal coming up.

I'm IN!

I’m IN!

Three years of rejection earned me a spot in this years New York City Marathon! It feels good to be at the starting line of a new training phase. That time where the whole process is optimistic and nothing has gone wrong yet so obviously everything is going to go perfectly. Right now I’m researching training plans and trying to find any local running groups who may be training for this race (know of anyone in MA looking for a running buddy?). I have decided I’m going to go with a beginner plan and really focus on pace and consistency in my workouts. Once I decide on a plan I’ll get more into detail about what exactly I’m going to be changing, but right now it’s kind of cool to compare all the different plans out there and get advice. So between now and May 19 – yes, I’m doing the 24 week plan – I’m in flux. I’ll be running up to 5 miles, not running the Providence Half Marathon, doing lots of yoga and just enjoying each run for what it is.

What advice do you have for putting the bad races behind you? I’ve never DNF’d before so I could really use some pick-me-ups here! Also- do you know of any running groups in MA that will be training for the NYCM? Tell me, tell me, tell me! 


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