Back To School

It’s been a good break from classes.

I read a few books that were not at all school related. It was glorious.

The Fault In Our Stars– Quick, good read. Lots of tears. I recommend you read it alone, without your fiancé staring at you judging-ly from the other side of the couch.

Me Before You- A lot of people told me this book was incredible. To be honest, I just didn’t see it. It was an alright, quick read. Wasn’t crazy about it.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius– My all-time favorite book, re-read for the 30th time since I was 17. Still love it.

Monuments Men– I’m 10 pages in. So far so good.

Aside from reading, I also watched more daytime TV than I probably should have. Kathy Lee and Hoda is my new favorite show because they make it acceptable to drink wine at 11am with your girlfriends. I now DVR Friends because I forgot how much I love it. And, alas; that one chick on Maury still hasn’t found out who her baby daddy is after 7 appearances. So while I feel like there is unfinished business, I’m happy that I’ll be heading back to class this week.

Last semester was busy but I felt like I balanced everything pretty well. Clearly seeking out some sort of mental break, Jim and I had to add a few extra major life components into this mix for this semester.  On top of work, classes, substitute teaching, home life and those friends rumor has it I’d like to keep around; I’m not also in the midst of wedding planning, marathon training and puppy raising.


Really, I don’t even mean that sarcastically. My life is awesome. Every morning I wake up and know just how lucky I really am to live my life. Yes, it gets stressful. But would I trade any aspect of it for a little more free time? Never.

Buster is going to have more of an adjustment period than I am. His beloved ottoman is going to be taken over again.

Real life. With some deliciousness mixed in.

During the semester, this is my life

One of the keys to surviving busy weeks is meal prep. Last night I made this amazing (and SUPER healthy) crock-pot jambalaya that just gets better throughout the week.

Photo and recipe curtsey of Some of my favorite recipes are from her!

Photo and recipe curtsey of Some of my favorite recipes are from her!

Dinner is taken care of, house is cleaned, Buster is happy and I’m ready to face the first day of classes on Wednesday. Except for that whole blizzard thing. Which likely means classes start Thursday.

A snow day isn’t the worst thing, I guess.


What are your secrets to balancing the rest of your life during marathon training? Is there something I could be doing to make life way easier? Let me know!


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