Running to the Altar

It has been a pretty great weekend.

First things, first. My beloved Peyton Manning is headed to the Super Bowl. I cheered obnoxiously for him in a room full of Pats fans and even they were a little happy for me. Buster was so excited the entire experience just tuckered him out.

He's resting up for the Super Bowl.

He’s resting up for the Super Bowl.

Now, back to the rest of this wonderful weekend and all it was.

On Friday, Jim turned 30. He stayed in with Buster for the occasion.

Jim is not a fan of birthday celebrations. This was all he wanted.

I also made him a pretty badass birthday cake. And by “badass” I clearly mean a boxed Funfetti cake with can frosting. The decorations are being submitted to Food Network for consideration on Cake Masters

I'm just so talented in some areas.

I’m just so talented in some areas.


His cousin who serves as Christian Missionaries in Costa Rica were back in town to visit his wife’s family with their baby; so we made the two hour drive to spend some time with them. We met their baby, they met ours. The cousins met each other. It went well.



We answered lots of awkward wedding questions like “So when are you getting married?” or “Where do you think you’ll get married” that I still have no vague idea of answers for. I’ve started answering the question of “theme” with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All my bridesmaids will be a different Turtle. Clearly, I’ll be April.

That usually shuts people up pretty quickly.

There is one part of the wedding planning experience I have figured out, though. Which races I’ll run from now until Spring 2015. Turns out, there’s a lot of them.

A lot.

Marathon training I’m good at. I have a set plan that someone provides to me, I follow it to a T and reach the finish line on race day. Done and done.

Wedding planning is different. There is no plan. There’s not even a plan template to follow. Everything is based on my personal feelings, not data I can review and draw conclusions from. There is no “Hal Higdeon’s Guide to Brittany’s Wedding”. That I’m aware of. If you know of one, please forward it.

What I know of wedding planning so far is that most women become completely overtaken by it and forget about all other aspects of their lives for 18 months. I refuse to be that person. I do not want my life to be consumed with planning a single day.

Over whelming.

Over whelming.

I think major life events like engagements, weddings, kids and careers can be great for people. However, I’ve also seen a lot of people I love lose major parts of themselves when these things happen because they simply got caught up in everything society tells them is important to care about. Taking time out for myself is important and I think I found a way to do it.

Every month from February until I walk down the aisle (if there is an aisle, we still haven’t decided what we’re doing); I will run either a half or full marathon. There are a few reasons I think this is a great idea.

It will keep me in shape for the wedding dress. Having upcoming races means having training runs, recovery runs and cross training. Added on top of my Pilates sessions with Erica once a week, and I’ll be in wedding shape in no time.

Running time = alone time. I never think more clearly or calmly than during a run. Considering how stressful I already think wedding planning is and I haven’t actually done much of anything, this is a major benefit.

Distractions are good. When wedding planning, in-laws, and life gets too hectic; sometimes a distraction is best. Having races to train for an occupy some of my time will be a guaranteed way to distract myself from the stress of real life.

It’s not that I couldn’t run or do this without committing to races, but the races make the runs non-negotiable to myself and everyone else. It’s a lot easier to say “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t go to that bridal expo, I have a training run for that race coming up” than it is to say “I’d rater run”. Some people just don’t understand that one.

So far, this is the race schedule

February 23, Hyannis Half Marathon

March 16, NYC Half Marathon

April 21, Boston Marathon

May 4, Providence Half Marathon. This is the first race of the UHC Triple Crown series. I love this race series every year, excited to be doing it again. 

June 8, Runners World Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon

July 12, Jamestown Half Marathon. Second race of the Triple Crown. 

August – Falmouth Road Race (not a half, but still counting it- deal with it)

September – TBD

October 12, Newport Half Marathon. Final Triple Crown race. 

November 2, NYC Marathon

December – TBD

January 2015- Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge Weekend

That’s as far as I’ve gotten with making the schedule. If you know of an awesome race in September or December let me know. Have sneakers, will travel.

How was your weekend? Did your teams win, lose, or were you too distracted by Richard Sherman to notice? Awesome training run? I want to hear all about it!



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