It’s Going To Be A Good Day

There are some days from the moment you wake up that you know are going to be good.

For me, today is one of those days. I hope it is for you too.

Why is it so good you may ask?

First, Buster slept until 8am. This may not seem like a huge deal, but I feel like a mom whose baby just slept through the night for the first time. All last week I was up with him every 90 minutes to take him out to pee, or because he just wanted to play and didn’t understand that normal people sleep at 2:45am. This morning, however, he got it.

We call this "the ostrich"

We call this “the ostrich”

He slept.

Which means I slept.

Which leads my outlook for the day to be unreasonably optimistic.

Then there’s the matter of my legs. I was expecting yesterdays 8 miles to take a small toll on my legs. Nothing too intense, but I expected to feel a slight soreness when I woke up this morning.

Maybe it was the full nights sleep.

Maybe it was the baked mac and cheese I made for dinner last night. I’m not sure why that would cause it, but really; is there anything mac and cheese can’t fix?

Whatever it was, my legs feel like those 8 miles never happened yesterday. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but since today is also my first day of Pilates training with my trainer Erica- I’m good with it.

I had to break up the run into two 4 milers. One on the treadmill, one on the road. It was a lovely 45 outside, but the wind was intense and I’m prone to ear infections.

Long run = slow run.

Long run = slow run.

I need to buy a light weight hat or headband that will cover my ears. Suggestions?

Today will be 3 recovery miles before my training with Erica. I hope she doesn’t mind me getting sweaty right before she has to push my legs behind my head. Word of advice- If you aren’t a fan of people touching you, or getting unusually close to your lady bits, Pilates is not for you.

Outside of a glorious 8-miler, this weekend was pretty low-key. Saturday was pouring rain and lightning storms… in January… so we gave Buster his first bath. He didn’t hate it. Ok, maybe by the end he hated it.

Not the happiest he's ever been.

Not the happiest he’s ever been.

Yesterday was glorious not only because of the run. In case you missed it, my future second husband killed it in Denver and now is off to the AFC Championships. I was of course dressed for the occasion.

That's an 18 when it's not in the mirror.

That’s an 18 when it’s not in the mirror.

Jim swears that the Superbowl is his favorite day of the year because it means 8 months until he has to hear about Peyton on a weekly basis again. It won’t surprise me if he threatens to call of the wedding a few times between now and Superbowl Sunday.

This week my mileage increases and I have my first double-digit run this Saturday.

My training week starts on Tuesday. I kind of love it.

My training week starts on Tuesday. I kind of love it.

Jim’s 30th birthday is also this weekend, so that run may be moved up if I can manage it. I love having my “short” runs becoming the same distance as my long ones from a few weeks ago.

I look back at my self from three weeks ago and say “Oh, your long run is 4 miles? Yeah, that’s my short run. No big deal”.

I’m snarky like that.

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all have an amazing outlook on your day/week. Did you kill your long run this weekend? I want to know!


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