Training for Two

As I’m writing this the clock says 3:18am. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to be blogging and keeping in touch with you all. I just thought I’d do it at a normal hour and with more than two hours of sleep behind me.

It turns out that having a puppy is like having a starter baby. He wakes up every couple hours through the night. He cries when he needs something. He has accidents. And we still love him with every fiber of our beings… because look at that face!


Their love for each other is adorable.

Their love for each other is adorable.

Trying to train Buster and getting him on a schedule has made me realize the flaws in my own training lately. I don’t run at the same time every day or the same days. I run when it’s convenient and when the weather allows. Not having a set time or schedule is starting to really impact my motivation and improvement goals. Kind of like Jim allowing Buster to sleep in the bed made the crate seem like hell on earth. Why would he want the crate when the bed is so warm and cozy? Why would I want to go out for a training run when the bed is so warm and cozy and I have this little guy to hang out with?

This season I’m using the Nike+ apps new “Coach” feature to guide my training. There are a few things I really like about it so far:

  • It looks at your weeks by mileage and analyzes all your data by week. Having a clear picture of how you’re improving week-to-week is really motivating for me.
  • The program isn’t incredible aggressive, but is challenging enough that I feel myself getting stronger already. I’m not worried about injuring myself by over-training which was a major concern with the past two years programs.

Each run has a specific goal in mind and the voice over encourages you at each significant milestone in your run which is corny but actually really motivating. I like hearing the Nike lady say “You’re halfway there, keep it going!”. Yes Nike+ Siri, I will keep going. Thank you for the moral support.

Update: It’s now 9:30 am. Buster fell back asleep and apparently I followed suit pretty quickly. Love when that happens. Ok, so where was I…

Yes, marathon training in a Polar Vortex (I stand by this is not a real thing. It was what caused the world to end in The Day After Tomorrow). I’m trying to get myself to go outside as much as possible, but the weather this week has just been completely ridiculous, which I’m sure you know if you A. Own a TV B. Have looked at a weather report, or C. Have stepped outside at any point. No matter where you are, it’s cold and it sucks.

Not wanting to suck on Marathon Monday and also not wanting to die of frostbite, I had to improvise. Instead of running the distances the days Nike+ tells me I need to, I’m comparing the distance of each run to the forecast.

Have I mentioned my love of Nike+?

Have I mentioned my love of Nike+?

The 6 miler that I was supposed to do yesterday? That will be happening today when it’s slightly warmer. Todays 3 miles are going to be moved into the place of cross-training tomorrow. What about Sundays long run you ask? That’s going to happen on Saturday when  Mother Nature graces us with a tropical 55 degree day. It’s a little all over the place, but it’s getting done and that’s what matters.

I’m accepting that this is New England and this is winter and I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s bone-chillingly cold while I’m running. I’m getting creative with my treadmill runs and workouts and finding new ways to motivate myself instead of watching The Real Housewives of Wherever Happens To Be On The Gym TV.


I’m coming back for you Boston.

How is everyones training going so far? I’m hearing from tons of friends training for Boston that they’re having a lot of difficulty finding motivation this year? Please tell me, I don’t sleep much these days. I’m sure I’ll need them soon! 


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