I’m Busy. And Engaged.

Yesterday I talked about the past. The past two Boston Marathons, the past few months and the uncertainty of the road ahead. Well, in terms of running there’s uncertainty. One thing in my life is very certain in this moment.

I’m getting married.

Jim proposed the day after my birthday back in October. I know, it’s been a while and I still haven’t written about it. I just wanted to let it all sink in and enjoy the ride a bit. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the basics are that he proposed in our living room at 11am on a Friday while I was wearing sweatpants and no makeup. That’s how I know he meant it.

Since then we have been fielding all the regular questions (which no one prepares you for pre-engagement) so I’ll answer the basics here.

  • We have no date.
  • We have no location.
  • The theme of our wedding is “We’re getting married so we threw a party. Enjoy”
  • I am the worst bride-to-be ever.

I guess some little girls dream about their weddings from the time they’re little. I always figured I’d elope. I was never against the idea of a wedding and don’t judge people who have a very specific idea in mind or plan. I’m just not one of them. Since Jim is firmly against the idea of elopement (his argument is you never meet a person who says ‘I really regret having my family and friends at my wedding’) I am now blindly attempting to plan a wedding. We got through our engagement party without any problems so it gives me a little more hope I can pull this off somehow.

With the help of these amazing folks, I just might pull this off.

With the help of these amazing folks, I just might pull this off. Jim creeping in the background is my favorite part of this pic. 


I have done one thing. I hired a personal trainer.

This decision was personal and is not necessary for every bride. The way I thought about it was I know how to run marathons. I know how to attend Group Power classes and downward dog at Yoga. I have no idea how to schedule these workouts and tone the right areas that need to be toned for a wedding dress. And since the dress and the photos are the only two things that matter to me, I guess I should consult with someone who does.

For the time being, we’re meeting once a week starting January 1 and doing Pilates while I do my marathon training and strength work on my own. Weddings are expensive and a trainer is a luxury, not a necessity. So we compromised.

Other than that exciting news, I’m still in school and working towards my Masters, substitute teaching and bartending. Adding marathon training, blogging and wedding planning on top of it, I’m a busy girl.  So apologies in advance if I miss a few days here or there. I’m trying, I promise.

To keep you in the loop, here are this weeks workouts. It incorporates the first week of marathon training (beginner schedule for me this year. I am terrified of over training again and blowing something a couple weeks before Marathon Monday), strength training from my trainer and cardio cross training.

Monday: 1 mile, easy run

Tuesday: 1 mile, easy run

Wednesday: 45 minute elliptical followed by 45 minute Group Power Class

Thursday: 1.5 mile tempo run

Friday: One hour spin class, 45 minute Group Power Class

Saturday: 2 mile (long) run

Sunday: 45 minutes on the elliptical


So that’s what I’ll be up to! How about you? Did you start training for a Spring marathon this week? Am I seeing you in Hopkinton? I want to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “I’m Busy. And Engaged.

  1. I also ran 2013 Boston 😦 I did get to finish, and it was my third time there. I am so happy to hear that you will be running again this year and get to have your moment. Good luck with your training – see you in Hopkinton!

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