Energy Bits – A Review and a Giveaway!

Alright Wednesday- You’re not my favorite day of the week and I don’t find your new brand ambassador the Camel as endearing as so many others. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of obnoxious former co-workers, maybe it’s because they never address why a camel is in the office. Mainly, the catch-phrase got old quickly. But alas, I’m left to deal with you once a week and I’ll try to be a nice as I can. /rant.

I had an amazing weekend with a few good workouts, some great friends and a new friend.

My best friends of the past 15 years.

My best friends of the past 15 years.

My new best friend of the past 4 days. I met him apple picking on Saturday. He's awesome.

My new best friend of the past 4 days. I met him apple picking on Saturday. He’s awesome.

The week so far has not been nearly as kind as the weekend was. Work, school, homework, workouts, more homework and more school have really started to take their toll. Tuesday/Wednesday is my roughest stretch because I close the bar both nights and have classes both days.

My usual Wednesday morning exhaustion hit me this morning when Jim woke me up for no real reason before he had to go to work. Our schedules are pretty hectic lately and a little opposite from each others, so the hours of 7-9am have been our “quality time” the past couple of weeks. If you can call me half-asleep and him watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air “quality time”.

Before heading to campus I really had to get a run in. I closed the bar last night and didn’t manage to fall asleep until 1am, but I still got about 6.5 hours of sleep in so nothing out of the ordinary in terms of pre-run rest. I ate a piece of toast, drank a cup of coffee and poured myself a big glass of water. Then I poured out 30 of these guys.

The team at EnergyBits are regulars during the #runchats and #HealthyWayMag chats on Twitter. Last week their brand manager Jonathan reached out to me with an offer to try a sample of EnergyBits so the team could get my feedback. I am always interested to try new products so I was thrilled to get the chance to give these babies a whirl. Here’s what you should know about EnergyBits:

  • Made of Spirulina (Algae)
  • 100% Organic
  • GMO, animal product and gluten free!
  • One calorie per tab (30 tabs per serving)
  • See info-graphics below

photo 4 photo 5

My first thought: “Are 30 pills going to feel ok rumbling around in my stomach?” Turns out, that’s more a mental game than physical. They’re light and don’t have much of a taste to them .I swallowed, didn’t chew. Feel free to make your 14-year-old boy jokes now. I’ll wait. 

I drank a glass of water, did a couple small things around the house and about 20 min after ingestion I headed out the door. I was only aiming for 2-3 miles, something light and easy, just to get the miles in.

Nothing impressive. Nothing intense. A run to run.

Nothing impressive. Nothing intense. A run to run.

I’m not sure what I was really expecting from Energy Bits, but I can’t say I felt a MASSIVE difference, but I did feel good which is always a challenge on Wednesday mornings. I didn’t get the sugary-belly feeling that a lot of energy supplements give you, which was great, but I also didn’t get that “woooo!” feeing either. Again, I wasn’t really expecting that but I just didn’t feel anything intense.

Overall, these are my thoughts:


  • There is one ingredient and it’s very clear what it is. Nothing I can’t pronounce, nothing I can’t trace back to its direct source. Yay!
  • The energy I did have felt very natural and clean. I didn’t feel like a sugar high and there was no noticeable crash.
  • The team at EnergyBits are incredibly nice and available to answer any questions. They’re responsive on Twitter and are all about honest feedback.


  • Taking 30 tabs at one time is a bit excessive. Maybe if they increased the size of the bits or made a gel tab version for quicker digestion you wouldn’t have to consume so many at one time.
  • The marketing materials are semi-misleading. Yes, each tab is one calorie but one tab isn’t going to do anything. I think they should display the full serving-size calorie count like everyone else. They’re still kicking-butt calorie wise compared to their competitors.

I’m going to give the bits another try this weekend but take them an hour before my run instead of 20 minutes. I’ll report back with any new feedback.

Here’s the best part- Do you want to try EnergyBits for yourself? You should. But that’s besides the point. The point here is that Jonathan (their brand manager) and his team have decided to offer one of my amazing subscribers a free sample of Energy Bits! All you have to do is subscribe to the blog and you’re automatically entered.

Hope you’re all enjoying Hump-Day more than I am. Now I’m off to class. No talk of spontaneous orgasms this time. Sad face.




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