The Spontaneous Orgasm Is Real. Why This matters.

Yesterday I sent a tweet while on the way to school. I send lots of Tweets. This one seemed to get more attention than the others.


I was more getting to the idea that I had accidentally worn yoga pants to a presentation. Yes, the presentation title was surprising on Twitter, but the class is Human Sexuality so to the class it was basically any other Tuesday morning. Last week our professor had a giant picture of penis on the projector on the board within 5 minutes of class. When we were still exhausted he said “Oh come on, it’s 9am and there’s a cock on the wall. Wake up!” He’s a riot. Which I guess you have to be to teach that subject to grad students. 

Anyways, the reactions I got on Twitter were pretty hysterical. I sent out the link to the New York Times article I was presenting. What I found funny is that no one was concerned with the actual finding that the spontaneous orgasm is real, or what it means for human physiology. The article itself is really interesting, but here are some highlights:

  • Women can essentially think themselves into a physical orgasm.
  • Brain scans showed no difference between these orgasms and orgasms achieved through physical stimulation.
  • This finding contradicts the work of many of the leading sexual researchers who focused on female sexuality to this point, proving we do not have as many answers as we think we do.

But in my humble opinion, these are just fun side notes to the most mind-blowing point. This proves the power of thought can have major physical impacts of the human body. There have been a lot of studies proving the power of prayer for terminally ill patients in keeping them alive longer, a positive mindset helping patients recover from surgery faster and the studies proving happy, optimistic people have stronger recovery rates from illness.  However, this is one of the first studies to show a mental thought having the exact same physical reaction as a tangible act. This blows the doors wide open for more breakthroughs in holistic medicine, mediation and other alternative treatments or illness.

This is also reminds us  how in control we are of our own physical performance. Think you’re going to PR at your next race? Reminding yourself that you really do not want that chemical-y, artificial snack food lying around the office? Your mindset can have a major impact of your physical performance in so many ways.

So the next time you’re nervous about toeing a start line or wondering if you really can lose those last few pounds remember this- I can think myself to an orgasm or a PR. My choice.

Whatever you choose, Just make sure you’re in the appropriate setting. Those MarathonFoto guys like capturing your runners high, not your Big-O.






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