In Case of Emergency- Road ID App Review!


In running, as in life there are hazards we prefer not to think about. A few months ago I was stunned and saddened to hear a former co-worker of mine had been kidnapped and later murdered after leaving her apartment early in the morning to go to the gym before heading into the office. It was one of those stories that so easily could have been you or anyone you know that it sent chills down the spine of thousands of people who had never so much as met Amy. To know her made the entire situation even more tragic: beautiful, talented, and above all KIND. One of those rare people who is always smiling so much you can’t help but smile around here. She will be forever missed, and an entire city more cautious in her honor.There was nothing Amy could have done to prevent or avoid what happened to her. Despite that chilling knowledge, the situation still made me want to be extra cautious when I hit the roads, regardless of what time of day it may be. So a few weeks ago when #Runchat was sponsored by Road ID, the subject was of course, safety.

A few of us recommended shooting a text to someone to let them know you’re heading out for a run, others wrote out their planned route and estimated time of return. Some insisted running early was safer, others dusk, some will run anywhere and any time. Then Road ID announced their new app which had seemed to already take all of our advice and done us one better.

Quite possibly my favorite feature on the app is the “eCrumb” you can leave. The eCrumb allows your family or friends to track you in real time on your run. Besides the amazing convenience of this for long runs if you have to run solo (“Honey, will you drive a water over to me in an hour or so?”) this is one of the most amazing safety features I’ve heard of. If God forbid something should happen your loved ones no longer need to worry about where along the route you might be. They know. For sure.

Another incredible feature? Your lock screen can contain your information (Name, address, relevant medical history) and who emergency personel should contact in the event of an emergency. No more hoping for an ICE contact in your phone book. Amazing.

It’s never fun to think of the million “what-if’s” the world reminds us of on the six o clock news every night, but it is important to plan. My recommendation: download Road ID and check one worry about that upcoming 26.2 off your list. Now all you’ll have to do is train!


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