The Hardest 2.06 Miles

Two workouts in a row I’ve managed to pull myself out of bed an hour early to get my miles in before work. I wouldn’t call it a habit, but today was certainly easier than Tuesday. I woke up and felt the crisp breeze through my window and I was down right gitty. It’s Fall! I changed, laced up and hopped in the car. The thermometer in the Sentra even confirmed it was destined to be a perfect running morning.

Hi, Fall! I’m not even mad you showed up early.

I started off to Anna Sun (my favorite run track of the moment) and loved the fact that I could just barely see my breath as I ran up the first hill. For the first quarter mile, my run was perfect. And that’s as perfect as it got.

Around a half mile I suddenly felt defeated. My legs were lead blocks, and my asthma started flaring up. There is a big difference between asthma flares and bad cardio. On good days, I can run 5 miles with no breathing problems what so ever. Today, I took my 60 second walking break 8/10 of a mile in, and my chest still felt tight. I picked it back up, “ran” for 2 more songs (if we can even call it that) and then took another 60 second walk.

I wish I could pin point why this mornings run went the way it did. I was in bed by 10 last night. I didn’t work out last night and burn myself out. In fact, Super Specator Caitlin and I went to go see the Bourne Legacy. By see, I mean we drooled over Jeremy Renner for two hours and established that the girl in the movie really didn’t have it that bad if at the end she’s on a boat with him in Fiji. It all worked out.

I pushed through the second mile when I really just wanted to call it quits, which helped my mental game a little but physically my body didn’t seem to want to play along. By the time I was back at my car I felt like I had run a 10K. Which isn’t a normal feeling for 2.06 miles.


Not great.

I’m going to try to do another run tonight and see if it goes any better. I know everyone has off days but I really want to get out an feel like I conquered a run. I’ve had some ok, just “routine” runs lately, but it’s been a while since I felt like I really crushed it. And with Newport a little over 6 weeks away, I really want to feel like I’m ready.

On a better note, I did receive this gem in my inbox. If there’s anything that can motivate you for a second workout, this is it.

I’m coming back!

Hope you all had better morning workouts than I did!  How do you power through the not so great runs?


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