Back to Reality and the Busy Week Ahead

Welcome back everyone! The past week was exactly what I needed. I don’t know if you could tell or not, but I’ve been more than slightly stressed lately. Work has been incredibly busy, marathon training is a part time job in and of itself, some family stuff came up and having a social life is a nice dream I try to hold on to. As of 5pm on June 29th, I was determined to put all things work/stress related behind me and start the drive to Michigan with one goal: no stress. It’s a pretty tall order when you’re facing a 15 road trip.

More than a few people like to tell Jim and I they think we are insane for driving to Michigan instead of flying every time we go. I drive a little Sentra for a reason, and that reason is I can go halfway across the country from <$100 in gas each way. One speeding ticket later (thanks a lot Ohio), we arrived at Jim’s parents house around 10:30am. We had a drink with his mom and Dad and woke up 5 hours later on the couch. According to his mom we made it through about 5 minutes of whatever was on TV before we were both dead to the world. To be honest, I’m impressed we made it to the couch.

The whole week was filled with lots of family, old friends, little kids and all things Midwestern. I won’t bore you with details of a vacation you didn’t go on, so here are the basics:

–       I went on a 4 mile run. There were farms, corn fields and hay. And a wasp that decided to sting me. That sucked. I thought it was a bee at first, then it kept stinging me. I also tried to keep running while swatting this hellish creature off of my back, which forced me to run in circles. The farmer staring at me from his tractor probably thought I was possessed. I was certainly screaming enough to make this a logical conclusion.

This was my view for all 4 miles.

–       I ate way too many things covered in cheese, fried, or of the pizza variety. We also drank a lot. There is no healthy way to eat on a road trip, and I was aware of that going in. I’m still trying to get my cholesterol back to a normal level.

That’s normal for 2 people by 4pm, right?

–       Taking stitches out is something that should be done by a medical professional. Apparently, Jim feels I’m just as qualified and forced me to do it instead.

This is not what I thought I’d be doing at 1am.

–       Every vacation should consist of no cell phone reception, no access to email and no internet. There are very few ways to completely disconnect from work anymore, and having all communication with the office cut off without option is the only way to stick to it. I was completely OK with this by day 2.

The week ahead looks busy. A little too busy. Getting back in the groove of work/train/life after 9 days off can be more than a little overwhelming, but add in a  company 5K Thursday, a half marathon on Saturday, followed by a concert that night and the whole thing just blows up ten fold. I’ve set a few goals for the week to try and keep me on track.

Be in bed by 10pm every night– I’m going to need my 7-8 hours of shut eye to power through this week.

Do not walk at any point during the company 5K– I’ve always taken these short races super lightly and will stop to walk with a friend or take a picture of something cool. I’ve realized I should start actually racing these races in order to improve.

Eat healthy all week– I really need to start fixing some of the damage I did to my body over the last 9 days. Whole grains and veggies weren’t seen too often. Bringing those back with some force. I will probably break this after the 5K if the after party is anything like last years.

5K means 5 beers after, right? And pizza. Lots of pizza.

Hope you all enjoyed your week as much as I did! Happy Monday! What did you do for the 4th? Any fun races or workouts?


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