Favorite Things Friday: Pastimes

It’s been a busy week. Work was crazy, double workouts were fun, and by the time my head hit the pillow I was already passed out before I could enjoy the feeling of resting. Weeks like these tend to fly by, but luckily it wasn’t so overwhelming that I wanted to scream. Win!

Last night I went to spin class at Just Ride in Plymouth for a free class with an auditioning instructor. After CrossFit on Wednesday I was sore, and I thought spin would work out the kinks and I’d feel refreshed after doing a workout I’ve grown so used to. Wrong. If you happen to see a girl waddling through Boston today say hi and remind me that rest days aren’t the worst idea ever. Sometimes they’re necessary. Then laugh at me and walk away. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been this sore since after the Chicago Marathon.

See those cold wraps on my legs? Those were to prevent me from screaming.

Sometimes four day weeks seem longer than full work weeks because you need to fit 40 hours of work into four days. When I have weeks like this I always like to make sure to block off a little time each day for some of my favorite pastimes. Some people like to call them timewasters or distractions. I prefer pastimes. A half hour or so to regain your sanity and makes sure you’re not going to snap is key to that whole work/life/workout balance. Being that it’s Friday, let me list them out as my favorite things…

Fitness Blogs: Shocking that I would be into these right? But taking a few minutes over lunch or something to read about an awesome workout, or a new healthy meal to try actually helps me get motivated for workout #2 that night. A few suggestions…

–       Ali on the Run. This is my favorite running blog by far. Ali lives in NYC and has Crohn’s disease. If she can still run through Crohns flare-ups and have a smile on her face, I should just shut up and run, right? Right. She also inspired me to remember the positive things on a regular basis through her “Thankful Things Thursday”, which inspired my Favorite Fridays.

–       Undressed Skeleton. Taralynn was overweight in high school, but then found a healthier lifestyle when she got to college. Because it’s super easy to be healthy in college, right? She has a lot of great recipes for “Grab-And-Go” healthy meals and even healthy cupcakes. And we all know how I feel about cupcakes.

–       Rhode Scholars– This is the forum I’m a guest blogger for, but all the other featured bloggers are great. It’s really interesting to read about other people training for the same races I am and see what works for them. Hoping to meet all these lovely people in Jamestown in July.

The Dog Park Near My Office: There is a terrifying info graphic that explains how much more likely you are to die if you work in an office and sit during the day. This scares the living hell out of me every time I see it. Since it was passed around the office, I’ve made it a point to take a walk during lunch every day. How convenient that there’s an adorable little dog park 5 minutes from my office. Not dying and puppies? Sold.

If Jim asks anyone, this is what I want for any gift giving occasion ever.

Pinterest: Yes, I am guilty of Pinning while working. Sorry. Sometimes it’s just fun to dive into a little dream world where my only responsibilities are to bake, decorate and wear amazing outfits. But aside from all the amazing food I’ve found, there are also a lot of great workout ideas to change up your gym routine. See, it’s not all gluttony.

What helps you waste 30 minutes a day? Any awesome suggestions for me? Let me know!


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