Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

There are some relationships you just have to end. It may be them, it may be you, it’s usually a combination of both of you just not meshing the way you used to. It’s hard, and your head and heart may disagree on the matter, but deep down you know it’s the best decision for yourself to get out quickly. Like pulling off a Band-Aid.

So yesterday, that’s what I did. With the treadmill. It all started when I got to the gym, and my trusty treadmill would not recognize my iPhone, therefore not letting me save my workout to Nike+. With my touch of OCD I have a slight freak-out if my workouts don’t save to Nike+. How am I supposed to analyze every detail of my logged miles if I don’t have a pretty dashboard of them? Unacceptable.

High spikes I'm going to have more of you soon. Promise.

I was in a predicament. There was a slight drizzle outside, and recovering from a chest cold I was slightly hesitant to run the trail in the rain. But, if I stayed and ran inside, my workout wouldn’t record. Hmmm….

Obviously, outside won. I grabbed my sweatshirt out of my locker and hit the little trail outside my gym. One of my favorite things about my gym is the outside “track” that is really a mini trail run. It’s a short loop (0.18 mi according to my GPS) but it’s a really nice change up from the pavement or track foam I normally run on.

They use it for bootcamp too, which I'm determined to get to one of these days.

Once I started running I wondered why I had ever considered running on the treadmill in the first place. Last year the only times I would run on a treadmill were in the events of monsoon like conditions or asthma flare ups where I didn’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere should my lungs act up. Then this winter I started getting a little too comfortable. It was cold, or I was sore, or I just didn’t feel like dealing with the outdoors. Whatever my reason of the day was, I ended up on the treadmill more than I should have.

As I turned the corner on lap 5 I made a declaration to myself. No more treadmills (at least until December). My gym has an outdoor track. I can still enjoy all of my other gym activities without getting sucked into the treadmill. Even more ambitious- my gym is only 4.1 miles from my house. Running to and from is not an unreasonable feat.

So, #17 who then turned into #5; it’s not you, it’s me. My needs have changed. You’re still a great treadmill and you’re going to make another runner very happy. I just don’t see a future for us.


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