Favorite Things Friday: The ‘What Happened to February” Edition

Holy crap, it’s March. I don’t know where February went, but to recap, here’s what you missed:

–   I went to Florida. It was warm. There was a nice bike ride, a walk down the beach, and a lot of deep fried deliciousness. There was also a 9 mile run. It was pretty.


There was also Chik-Fil-A. Now, growing up in Massachusetts, our fast-food selection is rather limited. We have maybe 1/5 of the national chains up here. Everytime I go visit Jim in Florida over the winter, I’m always shocked at the amount of fast food. He’s told me about Chik-Fil-A in the past, but I’d never had it. Verdict. In love. They said “ya’ll” and “mam and sir” over the drivethru.

Mmmm... Sweet tea

–  The team 17-miler. I was really nervous going into this run. Really, really nervous. Not only was this the first point-to-point, but this was the last 17 miles of the course. The hilly 17. The really hard 17. It was also my first time running Heartbreak Hill. In case you’re wondering- yes, it lives up to the hype. because it’s not one hill. No, that would be too easy. It’s three hills. And they don’t give you that nice down-hill either. No, these hills just like to plateau before the next. Real nice Heartbreak. Overall,  The run went pretty smoothly, and it was a nice confidence booster to know I can do the tough part of the course in a respectable time (slightly over 3 hours- I forgot to turn my Nike+ off after I hit the finish line. Oops.).

I should remember to hit "End Run" next time.

But, it’s Friday, and you know what that means. Here are some of my Favorite Things!

44 Days until the Boston Marathon: I saw this on the Boston Athletic Association homepage today, and it shocked me. 44 days? Six weeks?  Three long runs before the taper? Holy crap. I feel prepared, but at the same time, I feel like it’s coming up wayyyy too quickly and I don’t want the training process to be over.

The Cape Cod Canal: I’ve mentioned it before, but this is really my favorite place to run. It’s 7 miles long, which if you’re as awesome at math as I am, that means 14 gorgeous miles for an out and back. I’m becoming a bigger fan of running without listening to music. I keep my iPod on me for Nike+ and just for the safety net of having my phone in case something ever happened, but more and more I’m learning to just enjoy the sound of the water and my feet hitting the pavement.

I could run in silence forever here

Picking Out a Next Race: I always like to pick out a race 6 months or so in advance. It gives me adequate time to prep, get excited about it and feel like I’m prepared going in. It also gives me the chance to make one of my “pro-con” lists, which is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m in scouting mode for my fall race right now, and the top two seem to be the Amica Marathon in Newport, RI or the Marine Corp Marathon in DC. I’m so torn between the two it’s sad. They’re appealing for completely different reasons, and only 2 weeks apart so there is no way I’d be able to do both of them. I’m also in the lottery for the NYC Marathon, but that’s always a long-shot, so I never plan anything around the slim chance I might get in.

English Bulldogs: They’re so ugly how can you not love them. I have wanted a puppy since I was… well, born. My mother hates animals. Not the “well, they’re cute but they’re just a hassle” sort of hate. The “A leopard is pretty but their coat looks much nicer on me” Cruella DeVille sort of hate. I, on the other hand, want nothing more than a slobbering, pan-faced tub of love to curl up with me on the couch.


Love that face

The Pinterest Fitness Section: I’m addicted to Pinterest. It’s really not healthy. It makes me want to be a housewife whose only responsibilities in life are to bake, decorate and go to the gym and look hot. Jim is not pleased with this development. But he’ll get over it- right? But seriously, the fitness section has some great workouts that I never would have tried before, and they also have lovely little motivational posters. Like this.


Tomorrow is going to be 19 miles in the pouring rain, which I can assure you, will not be listed as one of my favorite runs of the season. But, you can’t guarantee the weather on race day, so we train in everything. Right? Right. Happy trails!

Discover any new favorite things lately? Let me know about them!!


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