Favorite Things Friday: Feeling Better

This week started out pretty rough. It’s still not where I want it to be, but it’s getting better. Last night was another 2+ mile run, no records set but I did make it a point to negative split. I figured if there was ever a time to focus on it, a 2 miler was it!


Not impressive, but I'm not dead. Go team.

5am came way too quickly this morning. I got up, got dressed, and while I was prepared for a “dusting” of snow, and instead I found 4 inches. It is January 20th. I should have expected this, and been prepared for it. I didn’t, and I wasn’t. My Uggs? In my trunk. The shovel? Not a clue. The only thing I had was my snow brush for my car in the back seat. Better than nothing. I also heard Britney Spears “Opps I did It Again” on the radio on my way to the gym. Not sure why they were playing it, but no complaints from this girl. You go Brit Brit.

Being disgusted by a tiny amount of snow, I honestly don’t know how last years runners trained during the winter. We got at least 1 major snow storm every week from January-March. The mounds were so high along the sides of the roads that you couldn’t see oncoming traffic, and there was ice everywhere up until 2 weeks before race day. 2011 Boston Marathon-ers- I salute you. I don’t know if I could have done it.

I’m certainly not prepared for is the 3-6” of snow we’re going to get tomorrow, while I’m doing my long run. However I am excited to get to Wellsely to work with my wonderful coaches and get acclimated to the course. I’m excited to work on my hill running, pacing myself properly and hopefully doing a real negative split at an actual distance.

I think the only thing getting me through at this moment is knowing that my 15 mile run in 2 weeks will be done in Florida. Warm weather. Pretty scenery. No sneaky ice patches making me look like the clumsiest runner ever? Good times.


Two weeks. I cannot wait. Can you tell I don't like the cold much?

Now that I’m feeling better, my overall mood has improved and it’s easier for me to appreciate all the little things. And with that, my favorite things this week are…

Nice People: This week was a rough patch in my training. I felt really down on myself, but then something happened. Some amazing nice people showed up and made me feel better. Just the quick texts, nice emails and positive words really made all the difference for me this week. So if you’re one of those nice people, thanks. You rock.

My New Kitchen: Yes, I realize this will be the 3rd time I’ve mentioned it this week, but when you go three months of marathon training without being able to cook pasta, you REALLY love your new kitchen. Speaking of..

Pasta: I run marathons to compensate for my love of carbs. Preferably with cheese, but really, any carb with any topping will usually do. Being able to cook pasta has been the highlight of my week. I think that sums up what type of week it’s been. I also made myself this deliciousness for dinner last night.

Mushroom ravioli, lots of spinach and cheese. Amazing.

Modern Family: Was anyone really offended that Lilly “dropped the f-bomb”? I kept seeing all these articles saying “Modern Family Went Too Far”. Seriously? For a show that depicts a gay couple raising an adopted child, an old man married to a woman younger than his daughter, and all the other completely realistic, normal situations that are discussed, overzealous parents are going to pick a child swearing (which is something they do in real life) to get pissy about? Drop it soccer moms. Leave my Modern Family alone. I think the show sets a great example for mixed families, and beyond that; it’s hysterical. I laugh out loud at least 5x a show, and that’s tough for me. Good work ABC. Good work indeed.


Good Playlists: I need to make a new long run mix. I really need suggestions. Right now I’m stuck in a Glee/Britney/Angry Rock combo. Please offer any and all suggestions you have. P

So those are the things I’m happy about at the moment. Tomorrow is 13 miles with the Miles for Miracles team in Wellesely, and I can’t wait. Except for the snow. Maybe it will hold off…


What are you favorite things? More importantly, what are your favorite workout songs? Send me your suggestions!




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