Let me just say how great runners are. Seriously, all of the support, advice and kind words that came my way yesterday were overwhelming. It’s relieving to know that I’m not the only one who’s faced a rut like this, and I got some great tips to get back on my game. You know, that killer land speed record crushing game I had before. No? That wasn’t me at the Olympic trials last week? Damn.


After a few emails with Coaches Jeff and Sarah yesterday, we couldn’t quite nail down what caused my rut (I’m going to go ahead and blame the asthma), but we did come up with some ideas to get me out of it. First, Jeff wants me to cut :10 – :30/per mile off of my long run times. I have my reservations, but he swears this could make all the difference. He also wants me to come to team practice on Saturday and see if running with a group helps.


I have been meaning to get back to team training after the first one I attended, but I won’t lie- I’m intimidated. I always thought a 9:30-10:00/mi pace for marathon training was respectable. Not outrageously fast, but certainly nothing to shake a stick at. I’m not sure who actually shakes sticks at people, but the saying has always made me wish I had a stick handy.


When I got to the first team practice and I was blown away. Pretty much everyone there was clocking 7:30-8:00 miles. Seriously? Week one? Did you qualify and you’re just here because you’re a super do-gooder? Because that’s awesome, but if you could pretend to be slow like me for a confidence boost, that would be awesome.


So I’ve been a little embarrassed since then, but last night I had a breakthrough while I was stuffing my face with pasta on the couch. 90% of the people running Boston are there because they qualified. I’m not going to be in the first 75% of the pack, but neither are the 25,998 or so people that aren’t Ryan Hall or Desi Deviilia. We’re in it to finish, maybe PR and that’s about it. I’m still running 26.2 miles for an amazing cause. And today that’s enough for me.


After a repeat of my glorious Monday night dinner, I watched the Biggest Loser and was off to bed. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. Then I read an amazing email from Sara from Event Brite. She had some amazing advice from her Boston training last year, and some kind words to add on top of it.


Nice emails make my day.

To wake up and have that sort of motivation laid at your feet is incredible. At 5am I felt even more motivated than I had the night before, and that’s no easy feat.


This mornings workout was certainly nothing for the record books. It was 2 miles, on the treadmill, with the single goal of not wanting to die at any point during it. And you know what? It felt pretty dang good.


Two miles without wanting to die. Today, that's a win.

Most people yesterday reminded me that marathon training isn’t supposed to be easy. Most of the time it’s not going to feel good, and there’s going to be more days in front of me that feel like some sort of cruel torture. It’s just how it goes. And that’s why we crazy people do it. It’s a challenge, and you don’t get better without them.


I might not be where I want to be, but I’m better than I was yesterday. 88 days to go, and we’ll take them one run at a time.  I also saw this yesterday, and it’s now my desktop image. Anything that can make me laugh about what I’m putting myself through is good in my book. It also makes me want pancakes.  Mmmm… pancakes…


I’d still love to hear more advice about how to get out of the rut. I feel better, but still not great. I love hearing all the different tips- so let’s go! How do you power through training?


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