Favorite Things Friday: I’m Running Boston This Year

Holy crap! I realized this morning something that should have sunk in a little earlier. I’m running the Boston Marathon this year. That’s right. It’s 2012, and I’m running the 2012 Boston Marathon. Growing up outside of Boston, listening to people say “I’d like to run the marathon next year” is a pretty common occurrence. It’s next year. It might happen, it might now, but you’ve got a lot of time in between to figure it out.

Even until last week I could say “Hey, I’m running Boston next year”. Then last night I was talking with my grandmother who reminded me that no, I’m not running next year’s marathon. It’s 2012 and I’m running in 3 months. Oh boy oh boy oh boy…

So while I let this realization sink in, I know, I’m so on top of things, don’t be jealous of my constant awareness, I share with you my favorite things this Friday…


Bacon Onion Cream Cheese: Yes, this might sound gross, but trust me, it’s amazing. I’m sure it’s doing a number on my cholesterol, so I’m trying to limit this deliciousness to once a week. Marathon training means I’m allowed to eat things that are terrible for me right? No? Dang.

Morning deliciousness. And cholesterol. Lots of cholesterol.


30 Rock: Tiny Fey is a genius. I’m not super crazy about her feminist agenda, but she thought of Liz Lemon and that makes her phenomenal in my book. Jack Donaghy (I refuse to separate Alec Baldwin from Jack) is my idol in life.


I have come to adopt the phrase “Shut it down!” in my real life, and it can be used in a variety of situations.  For instance this morning: I woke up at 5:30 to go for a run, saw it was snowing. Said to myself, “A little snow isn’t going to stop me!” and I ran out my door. I then slipped and almost fell on my face about 100 feet from my front door. “Shut it down!”. I’ll go to the gym tonight.


Fleece Lined Anything: Things that are fleecy are just better. There’s no getting around it. My mother recently introduced my family to fleece sheets. They’re amazing. I’m scouring the internet trying to find a set that matches my existing bedding now. My fleece lined lululemon pants, and other such winter running gear are the only reason I will run outside from November-March.


What’s not on my favorite things list this week? Rude people. But we’ve already discussed them.


Happy Friday! Xoxo


What are your favorite things so far in 2012. Share below and give me some ideas of things to try! We all know how I love new things.


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