Back In Action

I’ve been terrible. I know. And I’m sorry. Really, truly, I am. I haven’t blogged, I haven’t been getting my recommended 8 hours of sleep and I certainly have not been flossing. I’ve been busy. But that’s over now and I’m back!

Last week was my development psych midterm which consisted of the half-and-half approach that I loathe more than anything. This is the half-take-home-half-in-class nonsense. Just let me take the entire thing at once, please? Writing the take home portion and studying for the in-class portion occupied all of my free time last week. But with that out of the way I was free to enjoy my birthday weekend.

I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just sum it up like this: There was food. There were drinks. There was an early morning car ride to New Hampshire, where I participated in both again. But then there was Sunday, and Sunday was time to run.

My favorite spot in the world to run is the Sagamore Canal. For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of being within driving distance to Cape Cod, let me tell you. This is a runners heaven on Earth. Central Park is a close second to me, but at the end of the day I’m a suburb girl. I like small towns, I like the ocean and I like peace and quiet. The canal is 7 miles long, one major hill at the beginning and end, and the most picturesque scenery one could hope for…


The Sagamore Canal

This is one of my favorite places. So peaceful (except for the height of tourist season).

I got there right about 3:30 in the afternoon as most of the late season tourists were heading out. 3:30 may as well be midnight for me, I’m usually a 6am runner. But, as I said; it was my birthday weekend. Exceptions were made, recoveries were had. I felt good for the first mile, and by 1.5 I felt great. I could feel the buildup of toxins sweating out of me and endorphins were taking over. That’s when I heard “BooM” and the rain started falling. Yup, October thunderstorm. In Massachusetts. At that very moment I realized the universe did not want me to run last weekend.

So Monday was my birthday and I took the day off of work. Hesitantly, I went to the gym. There are certain times in my life when I know as much as I despise it, I need the treadmill. These are generally times of illness (knowing I can stop at anytime and not be stranded 3 miles from my house), ungodly cold weather (as much as I love penguins, I am not one, and will run indoors if it is below zero outside) and when I need 100% predictable conditions to get back in the groove. I needed the latter. Desperately. 5 days off the road with a failed attempt, I needed old faithful.

I jumped on old #17 and turned it up to 6.1. Nothing crazy, just enough to get me started. Back when I was training for Chicago #17 and I got to know each other very well on 100 degree days. We sometimes spent close to two hours together just feeling each other out. But after my torn IT band I hadn’t been spending much time with her. Any time really. I felt bad. She felt abandoned. This was my time to make up for it.

4.5 miles later, we feel pretty good about our relationship again. It’s going to be a cold long winter lover, and with Boston less than six months away, I’m going to need you. I’m back, and it’s going to be a fun time.


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